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Hi! Let's set up a new platform integration for your website. Unfortunately, we can't do this on your own website because Facebook and Instagram are a bit picky with their whitelisted domains. But no worries we value your privacy and only store the necessary data in our database like access tokens for the connected platforms.

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We need to setup authentication with Facebook to fecth the posts from your page. Use the sign-in with facebook button to continue.

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Connect Instagram to your site

To fetch your Instagram posts we will need to connect to your Facebook page. Make sure before starting te process that you connect to Instagram page to your Facebook page otherwise we can not continue with this setup progress.

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Connect Twitter to your site

Connect Twitter to your site to fetch and display your tweets on your site. Click to button below to start the authentication process.

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Wondering how to get started? No worries we got you covered. We've written a small guide to get you on your way to implement WP Social Wall on your site.

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You know as well as I do that this plugin has potential. But perhaps this is not (yet) what you are looking for. Get in contact with us to share your feature requests and perhaps we can work something out.

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