Getting started

Getting started with WP Social Wall. Everything you need to get this plugin up and running.

Installing WP Social Wall

We recommend using a package manager for installing all WordPress plugins. WP Social Wall is published on Packagist as a package. You can install it with Composer by running the following command.

composer require aimtofeel/wp-social-wall

You can of course also use the WordPress plugin to install the plugin. Visit our plugin page on by clicking on the link below.

Download from

Another option for installing the plugin is uploading the plugin using the WordPress plugin uploading feature. You can download the latest version of the plugin from the Github repository.

Download from Github

Do not forget to activate the plugin!

First-time configuration

After installing & activating we can start with the configuration and set up a connection with the WP Social Wall API. Within the admin menu of WordPress, there should be a new menu called ‘WP Social Wall’. Go to the plugin admin page. We will be greeted with an input field to enter an API Token.

Within the input field, we need to enter our API key. Afterwhich we can store our API key with the ‘Save Changes’ action button. If we’ve done it correctly we should see the connection indicator turning green and be able to connect the plugin to your social network pages.

Obtaining an API token

Wondering how to obtain an API token? Currently, with the beta release, we are monitoring the number of API tokens given out to the public. Receiving an API token is not that hard and it is free! Just filling the request form and we will send you one by email.

Request a API token