Integrate Facebook

Let's set up a connection with your Facebook account.

Connecting Facebook

On the settings page of WP Social Wall, you will find a section for Facebook. The status indicator will be the guide for you to see if a platform is connected to your site. When we want the connect to Facebook the indicator should be red. However, if you want to change the page the plugin is connected to the indicator is probably green. Currently, you can’t connect to more than one Facebook account at a time. So reentering the setup phase will overwrite the currently connected account.

Start with clicking on the ‘Connect with platform’ button within the Facebook section of the settings screen. This should open a new window with the WP Social Wall website. On this page, you should see a ‘Login with Facebook’ button. Click on this button and walk through the Facebook authentication screens as seen in the screenshots below. After the Facebook popup closes the site should display a form where you can select to which Facebook page you want to connect to. You can only select one page. Click on the submit button to save the settings. The site should redirect you back to your website.